Fish Family of England and Massachusetts

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The Fyshe or Fish presented here are eight generations, mostly in England, which eventually married into the Tupper family of Massachusetts. The lineage from Edward to my daughters is no less than 18 generations.

Edward Fish, b. 1465--- m. --- Agnes


Richard Fish, b. ca. 1504


Augustine Fish, b. ca. 1525 --- m. --- Henrietta Farmer


John Fyshe, b. 1547--- m. --- Margaret Craddock


Thomas Fyshe, b. 1582--- m. --- Mary Sprigge


Nathaniel Fyshe, b. 1619 --- m. --- Lydia Miller


Ambrose Fish, b. ca. 1650 --- m. --- Hannah Swift


Eliakim Tupper, b. 1681 --- m. --- Joanna Fish (14 children)


Elias Tupper, b. x --- m. --- Jerusha Sprague (6 children)


Eliakim Tupper, b. ca. 1740 (MA to NS) --- m. --- Elizabeth Newcomb (11 children)


Samuel Tupper, b. 1764 --- m. --- Elizabeth Archibald (2 children)


William Creelman, b. 1787 --- m. --- Hannah Tupper (8 children)


James Graham, b. 1808 --- m. --- Rachel Creelman (7 children)

Edward Fish, b. 1465

The information on the first three generations of this family come from (5) who spells the family name Fish. All that is known of Edward from that source is that he was married to Agnes. According to (8), who spells the name "Fyshe", he was born and died in Great Bowden, Leicestershire, England (1465-1518) and Agnes was b. 1460, also in Great Bowden.

Richard Fish, b. ca. 1504

Richard Fish, son of Edward, according to (5) was born about 1504 in Leicestershire. The source (8) states that "Richard Fyshe" was born 1504 in Great Bowden. He had at least one son, Augustine. See below for the Richard, b. 1500, m. to Mrs. Richard Ryshe, who may be this same Richard?

Augustine Fish, b. 1525

Augustine, son of Richard Fish, was b. ca. 1530 in Leicestershire and his burial was on 26 January 1580, Great Bowden, Leicestershire. The source (8) states that "Augustine Fyshe" was born 1525 in Great Bowden and died 26 August 1579 in Great Bowden. This source also states that he was married to Henrietta Farmer, b. abt 1530 in Great Bowden.

John Fyshe, b. 1547

Augustine Fish had apparently at least two sons:
1) John Fyshe, according to (2) (with no notes on ancestors) was born in 1547 in England and married Margaret Craddock, b. 1551. According to (5), "John Fish" was b. 1555 at Market Harborough, Great Bowden, Leicestershire and married in 1577 to Margaret Craddock, b. ca. 1555 at same place as John, and buried 28 April 1630 also at Market Harborough. John was buried at same location on 19 February 1625. The source (8) has "John Fyshe" b. abt 1555 at Great Bowden, m. abt 1576 in Great Bowden to Margaret Cradock [sic], and d. 19 February 1622 at Market Harborough. This same source has Margaret b. 1559 in Warwickshire and d. 28 April 1630 at Market Harborough.
2) Thomas Fyshe (6)( or "Thomas Fishe", b. 1565 in Great Bowden" (8)). The source (9) gives a different ancestry of Thomas. Rather than having a father Augustine, b. 1525 and grandfather Richard, b. ca. 1504, they have his ancestors as Thomas, b. 1535, and his grandfather as "Richard b.1500 in Great Bowden m. Mrs Richard Ryshe about 1530". The source (6) reports on 5 children of this Thomas.

Thomas Fyshe, b. 1582, and Siblings

The only child of John Fyshe and Margaret Craddock recorded by (1) is Thomas. The other children here are noted by (5):

1) Augustine Fyshe (Fish), 1578-1646.

2) William, 1581-1658.

3) Katharine, b. 1582.

4) Thomas, b. 1582 (2) or (5) born Wedgenock Park, Warwickshire, bapt. 8 May 1584 at Great Bowden, Leicestershire. He m. in 1609 in Leicestershire, England to Mary Sprigge, b. and baptized 24 January 1584/85 at Lubenham, Leicestershire (7), and daughter of William Sprigge, b. 1550. For their children see next section. Thomas died 12 January 1672/73 at Warwick, England, or (5) he died 12 January 1673 at Great Bowden and was buried 17 January 1673.

5) Sarah, b. 1586.

6) Ambrose, b. 1588.

7) Mary, b. 1589.

8) Elizabeth, b. 1591.

9) Francis, b. 1593.

10) Anne, b. 1596.

11) Alice, baptized 6 November 1597, Market Harborough, Great Bowden, Leicestershire. She m. her cousin Robert Fish (see above). They had 11 children but there is no further information available in (5). This child of John and Margaret is also mentioned by (8): b. 6 November 1597 at Market Harborough and christened 6 November 1597. The pedigree chart of (8) shows one child of Robert and Alice, Thomas (1618-1687, died in RI). This line eventually leads to Steven Fish, author of (8) and to line of (9), who records birth of Thomas as 1619, in Market Harborough.

12) Mary, b. 1599.

13) John, 1602-1623.

Nathaniel Fyshe, b. 1619, and Siblings

The only recorded child of Thomas Fyshe and Mary Sprigge in (2) was Nathaniel. The other children noted here are from (5).

1) Cradock [sic] Fyshe or Fish, b. 1612.

2) Ambrose, b. 1613.

3) Jonathan, 1616-1663 or died 1617-1631 according to Bowman (6).

4) John, 1619-1663 (a twin of Nathaniel given the birth dates?).

5) Nathaniel, b. 20 June 1619 at East Farndon, Northampton, England. The name of his spouse is given in (5) as Lydia Miller; they had at least one son, Ambrose. Nathaniel emigrated before 1650 to America, given that his son was born in Sandwich, MA that year, and died in 1693 at Sandwich, MA.

6) Esther, b. 1622.

7) Hannah, b. 1625.

Ambrose Fish, b. ca. 1650

The only known child of Nathaniel Fyshe was Ambrose (2). The family name in (1) changes this generation to Fish. Ambrose was born about 1650 at Sandwich. He married, between 1674-1675 at Sandwich, to Hannah Swift (see her family for more details). They had at least one daughter, Joanna. Ambrose died 21 October 1691 (5) at Sandwich.

Joanna Fish

The only recorded child of Ambrose Fish and Hannah Swift in (2) was Joanna. The other child noted here is from (5).

1) Seth, 1682 in Sandwich. (5) notes that "this child is not verified, and is posited by Dennis Bowman". A Seth Fish (parents not given), b. 1682, married Mary Turner and their daughter Hannah Fish married into the Tupper family, as did Joanna. She married Eliakim’s uncle Samuel Tupper (see Tupper chapter for more details).

2) Joanna, b. 20 May 1689 at Sandwich (3). She m. Eliakim Tupper, b. 29 December 1681, in March 1706/07 at Sandwich (4). They had 14 children (see his family for all the details). He died between 1755 and 1760 at Lebanon, CT and she died between 1760 and 1761 (3) or by 1760 (5). See (5) for a discussion of why she is recorded as Joanna Fish and not Joanna Gibbs.


The information here comes almost entirely from the excellent and extensive Gendex file of Harry Hadaway of Bow, NH (1). He documents well his sources and for completeness I repeat here the source information, noting always that it is as cited by him unless I have consulted the reference myself.


(1) Web site ( of Harry Hadaway of Bow, NH: "My Family Tree: Plymouth and Cape Cod MA Genealogy". This was an extensive Gendex site with 16,000 (August 1999) individuals, mostly from Massachusetts. His source for most information cited here, unless stated otherwise, is (2). In July 2006 this site was no longer on-line but has been moved to a database at WorldConnect, where it was last updated in August 2004. Check this site for information that is more complete than that which is presented here.
(2) "Aldrich, Robert G., "In pursuit of the Elusive Miller Fish"; 1584-1800; The Connecticut Nutmegger Vol 22, #2, Sep 1984; pp 195-209". Source cited in (1).
(3) "Barclay, Mrs. John E., 'Hannah (Swift) Tobey Daughter of William(2) Swift and the family of Ambrose(2) Fish of Sandwich Mass" ;1650-1705; The American Genealogist. Vol 35 #1, Jan 1959; p 40-43"; source cited by (1).
(4) "Tupper Family Association, FTM CD #171", source cited by (1).
(5) She occasionally appears as Joanna Gibbs but this is apparently incorrect. The web site, consulted in December 2013 states: “Note: Her name is Joanna Gibbs according to 'Tupper Desc.', NEHGR (revised Vol. 99) and 'Annals of Barnstable, MA', Vol. 1. However, 'The 'American Genealogist Magazine', January, 1959 states that her name is Joanna Fish. See also 'Tupper Family...,' Ralph Barclay Tupper Emerson (Gateway Press)”. See also further notes at
(6) Information on Thomas, son of Augustine Fish and descendants are given by (source cited in (5)): "Dennis Bowman, 1565 S. Raritan, Denver, CO 80223 (1997) without references. Bowman notes Thomas b 1530-73 and died 1565-1653 (!)."
(7) "Dr. H. Douglas Goff, 42 Delaware Ave., Guelph, Ontario N1E 3V6 (4/97)", source cited in (5).
(8) Pedigree chart received from Steven Fish [ID-55] in August 2002. Sources not indicated on the chart.
Email communication January 2006 from Sandi McGinnis (ID-204). 

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