Tupper Family of Massachusetts and Nova Scotia

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The Tuppers are represented in my line of direct ancestors by no less than nine generations, from Sussex, England originally, through Massachusetts for four generations, and finally to the Truro area of Nova Scotia. According to (2), sources unknown, the Tuppers were originally a German family from the Kassel area in the Electorate of Hesse. In the early 1500s they converted to Protestantism. As a result of harsh laws against Protestants instituted by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, two Tupper brothers emigrated from Hesse in 1525. One went to Holland and the other to the County of Kent in England. Our Thomas Tupper was supposedly a descendent of the Kent brother. 

Richard Tupper


Henry Tupper


Thomas Tupper, b. 1578 (Sussex >> MA) --- m. --- Anne Hodgson (1 child)


Thomas Tupper, b. 1638 --- m. --- Martha Mayhew (11 children)


Eliakim Tupper, b. 1681 --- m. --- Joanna Fish (14 children)


Elias Tupper, b. 1715 --- m. --- Jerusha Sprague (6 children)


Eliakim Tupper, b. 1742 (MA >> NS) --- m. --- Elizabeth Newcomb (11 children; link through her to English)


Samuel Tupper, b. 1764 --- m. --- Elizabeth Archibald (2 children)


William Creelman, b. 1787 --- m. --- Hannah Tupper (8 children)


James Graham, b. 1808 --- m. --- Rachel Creelman (7 children)


Richard Tupper

The line of Richard Tupper through his son Henry to his son Thomas is from (3) but no further information available. Both Richard and Henry were from Sussex County in England.

Henry Tupper

The Tupper Family Association web site (see below) has a photo of the farm where Thomas Tupper grew up, the: “Tupper Farm at Bignor (near Bury) in West Sussex Country in Southern England at the foothills of the South Downs”. This would therefore have been Henry Tupper’s farm and likely his father’s. 

Thomas Tupper, b. 1578

The only known son of Henry Tupper (information mostly taken directly from (3)) is:

1) Thomas, b. in Bury, Sussex County on 28 January 1578 (7). Birth date 27 January 1577/78 (16). As a ship's carpenter and member of the crew, he is believed to have voyaged to America first about 1621, again in 1624 when he remained a year, a third time in 1631 when he stayed at Cape Ann for an uncertain period, and finally to Sandwich, Mass. in 1637 where he settled and remained until his death on 28 March 1676 (1678 according to (16)). This sequence is from (3) but it does not seem entirely correct: note that he married in January 1627/28 in MA and his wife died in Topsfield, MA in 1634. According to (2), about 1635 he emigrated to Massachusetts to obtain "liberty of conscience", denied to him under the reign of Charles I of England. This seems however like a bit of an embellishment since we know he first came to America as a hired tradesman.

Thomas Tupper married first in the Parish of Chelmsford, Essex County, 29 April 1622, to Katharine Gator. They had two children, both born in England (for Thomas' children see next section). It is not clear if his wife ever came to America. Secondly, he was married, in Topsfield, MA, 25 January 1627/28, to Susan Turner, a widow. Thomas and Susan had two children, both born in England (1628 and 1633), so at least Susan must have returned to England. She must have later returned to the New World because she died in Topsfield in 1634. Thirdly, in Ipswich, MA, 21 December 1634, Thomas married Anne Hodgson (Thomas would have been about 56). Anne was a widow, of Topsfield, born about 1588 (between 1588 and 1598 in (16) and written "Hodgeson") and who died in Sandwich 4 June 1676. They had one child. If the birthdates are correct, Anne would have been about 49 or 50 when she had her son Thomas; this seems a bit unlikely.

Thomas was one of the incorporators (2) of the town of Sandwich, MA and became an outstanding citizen of that town. He served in the general court in 1644 and later was deputy for 20 years, from 1647 to 1667; he served on juries, local boards and commissions, was a charter member of the church and for three years starting in 1667 was Selectman of the town (i.e., a member of a board of officers annually elected to manage various local concerns in a New England town). In his later years, when there was no settled minister, Mr. Tupper conducted religious services as a layman and he was deeply interested in religious work among the Indians. The source (2) adds that he cared especially for the Indians who were "living in spiritual darkness and savagery" and that he built the Indians a place of worship and established a congregation at Herring Pond. He was shrewd trader and invested heavily in real estate and held large holdings at his death.

Tupper Family Association of America (http://www.tupperfamily.org) is dedicated to the history and genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Tupper and Anne Hodgson. Their website provides little genealogical information nor access to a database but refers to the Tupper Family Genealogy books (two volumes of 1100 pages each), available for purchase (this is probably source (11) mentioned in Footnotes). I have not consulted these books but they are likely an authoritative source. The website briefly mentions that Thomas probably came to Massachusetts in 1631. It does not mention previous spouses. The more detailed information given above from (3) should be considered unconfirmed; to have a more complete picture of Thomas and his descendants the Association’s detailed genealogical books need to be consulted.

Thomas Tupper, b. 1638, and his Siblings and Half-Siblings

My information on the children of Thomas Tupper comes largely from (3) who provides good information on his original sources (which I repeat here). See that source for the children, which are not covered here, of Thomas’ siblings and half-siblings. Thomas Tupper and his first wife Katharine [sic] Gator had two children in England:

 1) Katherine Tupper, b. 31 January 1622/1623 in England. She married 19 October 1640 in Sandwich to Benjamin Nye, b. 4 May 1620 (4) at Biddenden, Kent, England, son of Thomas Nye and Agnes Rye. Benjamin had come to America on the Abigail in 1635 with the Freeman company. He first settled in Lynn, MA, but soon thereafter removed to Sandwich, MA. In (2), the ancestry of Benjamin is traced back a further 10 generations through England and back to the early 1300s in Denmark! Katherine died 4 June 1676 at Sandwich. Benjamin and Katherine had eight children Their youngest son Benjamin, b. after 1640, died 26 March 1676, killed by Indians at the Battle of Rehoboth in King Phillip's War.

2) Robert, b. 1630 in England, died in infancy.
The two children of Thomas Tupper and Susan Turner were:

3) Thomas Tupper, b. after 1628 in England. He died in infancy.

4) Robert, b. 3 November 1633 in England. As an infant he must have gone to America with his mother, who died the next year in 1634 in Topsfield. Robert m. 9 May 1654 at Sandwich to Deborah Perry. No further information available.
Finally, the only child of Thomas Tupper and his third wife Anne Hodgson was:

5) Thomas Henry Tupper, b. 16 January 1637/38 at Sandwich, MA. If the birth dates are correct, his mother was about 49 or 50 when she had Thomas. He married Martha Mayhew on 27 December 1661 (see a separate chapter on her family). Martha was born in 1638 at Watertown, MA. They had 11 children (see next section). Thomas died 26 April 1706, still at Sandwich and his widow on 15 November 1717 (on January 15 1716/17 according to (16)) at Sandwich. Citing (12) and (13), (10) provides the following text on Thomas:

Like his father, Thomas Tupper, Jr. was a missionary to the American Indians and served the Church at Herring Pond, 1676-1706. He was a member of the Council of War, town clerk, Selectman for 14 years, Deputy to the General Court 8 years, and is buried under a stone standing by the pond in the old burying ground at Sandwich, Mass. With his father, he is listed as one of the largest landowners in the town. He was Lt. of the military company at Sandwich in 1680, and became Capt. in 1690.

Eliakim Tupper, b. 1681, and Siblings

The 11 children of Thomas Tupper and Martha Mayhew, all born at Sandwich, MA, were:

1) Martha Tupper, b. 13 October 1662.
2) Thomas, b. 11 August 1664 (3). A well-sourced family history database on Ancestry.com (21) indicates he married Mary Stocklen (1668-1728) in 1717 in Sandwich, MA. That source provides information on 7 children. Thomas died in 1744 in Stoughton, MA.

3) Israel, b. 22 September 1666. He married about 1690 to Elizabeth Gifford. Elizabeth was born 25 February 1663/64 at Falmouth, MA and died 19 October 1701, presumably in childbirth as that was also the death date of her last child. Israel remarried Elizabeth Bacon on 31 August 1704 at Barnstable, MA. Elizabeth Bacon was born 11 April 1680 at Barnstable, daughter of Nathaniel Bacon and Sarah Hinckley. He died in 1745 at Sandwich. He had 4 children by his first wife and 5 by his second wife. Various databases provide extensive information on his descendants.

4) Elisha, b. 17 March 1667/68, died young.

5) Jane, b. 28 April 1672, died on her first birthday.

6) Ichabod, b. 11 April 1673. He married before 1713 to Mary _____, "of Sandwich". Mary died 8 October 1728 after having six children. Ichabod remarried to Hannah Hatch on 23 December 1729 at Middleboro, MA. Hannah (6) was born 16 February 1681/82 at Scituate, MA, daughter of Samuel Hatch and Mary Doty. She had been previously married to Japhet Turner and Ebenezer Tinkham (no children recorded from either marriage). Hannah was the granddaughter of Edward Doty, a Mayflower passenger (the servant of Steven Hopkins). She died 13 April 1771 at Middleboro and Ichabod died in 1748 (6). The 6 children of Ichabod were all born at Sandwich and all by his first wife Mary.

7) Eldad, b. 31 May 1675. He married on 30 December 1701 at Sandwich to Martha Wheaton, "of Sandwich". He died 15 September 1751 at Sandwich. Their large family of 11 children were all born at Sandwich.

8) Medad, b. 22 September 1677. He married before 1704 to Hannah _____ at Rochester, Plymouth County, MA and died 20 February 1773. Their 6 children were all born at Sandwich.

9) Anne, b. 14 December 1679. She married 4 January 1698/99 at Sandwich to Benjamin Gibbs (4). He was born in December 1673 at Sandwich, son of John Gibbs and Jane Blackwell. Benjamin died in 1757 at Sandwich. Their 10 children (4) were all born at Sandwich.

10) Eliakim, b. 29 December 1681 in Sandwich, MA. He married Joanna Fish in March 1706/07 at Sandwich. Joanna was born 20 May 1689 (20 May 1684 in (16)) at Sandwich, daughter of Ambrose Fish and Hannah Swift (see the Fish and Swift chapters for much more information on Joanna's ancestors). Possibly Seth Fish was her brother, married to Samuel Tupper, Eliakim’s nephew (see above). They had 14 children (see next section). He died between 1755 and 1760 at Lebanon, CT (in 1755 according to (16)) and she died between 1760 and 1761.

According to (11): Eliakim was selectman at Sandwich for 12 years and served on the committee "to supply the pulpit" in 1722. He owned much land and was a shopkeeper. He did not agree with the doctrine preached in the congregation, and on 13 April 1732 was one of two contractors who built a new meeting house for the opponents of the established minister. In 1736 he and his family moved to Lebanon, Connecticut.

11) Bethia, b. 25 April 1685. She married about 1706 to Ezra Perry. He was born 2 February 1678/79 at Barnstable, MA, son of Ezra Perry and Rebecca Freeman.

Elias Tupper, b. 1715, and Siblings

The 14 children of Eliakim Tupper and Joanna Fish, all born at Sandwich, MA, were:

1) Ruth, b. 30 June 1708. She m. 29 June 1732 at Sandwich to Jabez Dunkin of Sandwich. He died at sea in 1743. She remarried to James Read of Orleans, Barnstable Co., MA, on 29 December 1744 in Boston. She died 9 October 1791 at Billerica, MA.

2) Ann, b. 9 April 1710, died an infant 17 August 1710.

3) Eliakim, b. 20 June 1711. He m. Mary Bassett on 28 March 1734 in Sandwich (10). Mary (10) was born 24 December 1709 in Sandwich, daughter of William Bassett and Abigail Bourne. Eliakim moved to Plymouth, MA soon after the birth of their first child and at the time his parents moved to Lebanon, CT. He and Mary became members of the church in Plymouth in 1737, and he served there on the jury and was a representative to the Assembly in 1742. About 1750 they moved to Lebanon, CT. She died shortly after, on 24 March 1753 at Lebanon, CT.

Eliakim went to Nova Scotia from Connecticut after the expulsion of the French. (10) notes: "In 1760, having remarried, Eliakim and his brother Elias and others from Connecticut emigrated to lands granted to them at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, where he died during the first winter. Most of the family remained there. The source (2) notes that he came with two other New Englanders, William and Jane West (presumably parents of Elizabeth West who would marry his son Charles) and settled in Cornwallis, NS in 1763. He died in Cornwallis, on 28 February 1761 (10) (on 28 January 1761 according to (16)). Eliakim and Mary Bassett had five children according to (16). Of particular note was their youngest child Charles.

Charles was b. 19 August 1748 at Plymouth, MA. On 24 October 1771 in Cornwallis, NS he m. Elizabeth West, b. 9 February 1754 in Rochester, MA (16). Charles and his wife both died after 1837 in Cornwallis, NS. They had 13 children (see (16) for their names and their descendants). One of their sons was Charles, b. 1794, whose son Charles Tupper, b. 1821 was to become Sir Charles Tupper, Premier of Nova Scotia and Prime Minister of Canada. Sir Charles Tupper was thus the third cousin of our Hannah Tupper.

4) Abia, b. 1 November 1713. She m. 14 September 1730 to Nathaniel Swift. Nathaniel was another son of Jirah Swift, so a first cousin once removed. He was born 14 March 1707/08 at Sandwich. Abia died 4 April 1782 at Warren, CT. He died 13 March 1790 at Warren, CT (4). They had six children.

5) Elias, b. 12 October 1715 at Sandwich, MA. Elias' parents moved from Sandwich, MA to Lebanon, CT in 1736 and Elias apparently accompanied them, being about 21 at the time. He m. Jerusha Sprague in Lebanon (15), a family with very long roots in MA and back to Francis Sprague who arrived from England in 1623 (one day I will have to do a separate Sprague chapter… [see (20)]). It is not recorded where his first two children were born (ca. 1740 and 1745) but they would have been in all likelihood born in Lebanon. The third child was definitely born in Lebanon, CT in 1752. The fourth and fifth children were born in Coventry, CT (1753 and 1756). The sixth and last child was born in 1759 but no birth place is recorded. For their children see the following section.

Elias emigrated with his brother Eliakim and others to Nova Scotia in about 1760 (when he would have been about 45). Since his last child was born just before, in about 1759, this meant that they emigrated with all six children. His oldest child was then about 20 and is definitely known to have moved with his parents. Jerusha died 1795 in Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia and Elias died 14 May 1800 at Tupperville, NS. Elias is not mentioned in Miller's book (1). Nothing else is known of him.

6) Abigail, b. 13 August 1711. She married 16 October 1735 to Silas Swift. Silas was born 2 August 1713, son of Jirah Swift and Abigail Gibbs. He was the first cousin once removed of Abigail. Abigail and Silas both died at Lebanon, CT, Silas on 24 September 1794 and Abigail on 15 February 1811.

7) Thomas, b. 21 November 1719. He died either 13 May 1811 at Lebanon, CT (10) or 13 May 1761 at Salisbury, CT (unverified information from Dennis Bowman cited in (10)). According to (14), which also has him dying 13 May 1761 at Salisbury, he married Ruth Owen on 27 May 1740 at Lebanon, CT. She was born about 1720 in Lebanon, CT, daughter of Joseph Owen and Ruth Woodworth. As noted by (17) she has an ancestry, documented on LDS family history site, going back to William the Conquerer. She later married David Bagg in 1769. Thomas and Ruth had 13 children (17); two children are named in (14).

8) Hannah, b. 23 August 1721. She m. 2 May 1740 to Thomas Thacher of Middleboro.

9) Joanna, b. 24 March 1722/23, died 6 April 1723.

10) Joanna, b. 26 April 1724 (5). She m. 15 October 1749 at Sandwich (9) to Rowland Ellis (5). Rowland was b. 12 January 1721/22 at Sandwich, son of Malachi Ellis and Jane Blackwell. He died at Sandwich before 21 September 1775. Joanna died after 18 April 1787 (5). Three children are recorded (9), all born at Sandwich.

11) Nathaniel, b. 24 April 1726. He died 2 January 1790 at Salisbury, CT.

12) Deborah, b. 24 March 1727/28. She m. 9 November 1746 to Jonathan Newcomb.

13) Charles, b. 28 December 1729, died by 1776.

14) Solomon, b. 17 October 1731, died ca. 1801.

Eliakim Tupper, b. 1742, and Siblings

Elias Tupper and Jerusha Sprague had six children (15):

1) Eliakim, b. December 4 1742 in Lebanon, CT (16). According to Miller (1), Eliakim emigrated from New England to the "western part of the Province" about 1760 (it would have been with his father Elias, Eliakim being about 20 at the time). He is recorded in Cornwallis in 1761 and was married to Elizabeth Newcomb in Cornwallis in 1762. They moved to Truro in about 1773. They would eventually have a large family of 11 children (see next section).

In Truro he built a two story house and kept the only inn. On 16 September 1780 he was appointed Justice of the Peace for Colchester and Pictou Counties. He was also a merchant and a contractor (he finished the inside of the first Truro church). However, his business was not very profitable so with his large family he moved to Middle Stewiacke in about 1792. There he bought the farm of Matthew Johnson, a son-in-law of Eleanor Archibald. He died there 22 August 1810 and his wife on 10 February 1824.

Elizabeth Newcomb was the daughter of Capt. Eddy Newcomb (1713-1841) and Abigail English (1724-1790 (15) and was born on 12 June 1743 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. The source (16) has the same birth date but birthplace as NS. Since Elizabeth's brother also married into the Tupper family (see Mary below) it is possible that her parents had also emigrated to Nova Scotia along with some or most of their children (they are not recorded in (1)).

2) Mary, b. 1745. She was married to Abraham Newcomb (another child of Capt. Eddy Newcomb and Abigail English) on 11 December 1765 (November 11 1765 in (16)) in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Abraham was born on 15 April 1745 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. He died on 25 April 1832 in Cornwallis and she died there on 30 November 1793. They had six children, all born in Cornwallis, NS which are covered in Miller’s book.

3) Elias, b. about 1752 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT (b. 1755 according to (16)). He was married to Rachel Porter (daughter of John and Phebe Porter) on 27 December 1769 in Cornwallis. He died on 3 September 1829 in Cornwallis. They had 13 children.

4) Elisha, b. 14 February 1753 in Coventry, Tolland Co., CT. He resided in Clark's Ferry (Tupperville), Anna Co., Nova Scotia. He was married to Elizabeth Sprague (daughter of William Sprague and Elizabeth Hyde?) about 1780 (in 1792 according to (16) but this not possible based on dates of their children's births). Elizabeth Sprague was born about 1743 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT. Elizabeth Sprague was the first cousin of her husband Elisha if her father William was in fact sister to the Jerusha Sprague that was Elisha's mother. He died on 8 March 1811 in Round Hill, Nova Scotia. Elisha Tupper and Elizabeth Sprague had 6 children (information available in (15)).

5) Miner, b. 3 September 1756 in Coventry, CT. He resided in Clark's Ferry (Tupperville), NS. He was married to Margaret Van Horne. He died in 1805 in Annapolis, NS. The source (16) has him married to Dorothy VanHorne [sic], d. 3 November 1827. Miner Tupper and Margaret Van Horne had 5 children. See also (15) for more information.

6) Asa, b. 1759, presumably just before the family emigrated to Nova Scotia. He was educated in Clark's Ferry (Tupperville). He was married to Margaret Van Horne, b. 1767, as did his brother although they are not the same woman! (Note that his brother's wife may have been Dorothy and not Margaret thus explaining this discrepancy). He died in 1810 and she died in 1827. They had 4 children; for more details see (15) and (16).

Samuel Tupper, b. 1764, and Siblings

The 11 children of Eliakim Tupper and Elizabeth Newcomb were:

1) Mayhew (or "Mahew" in (16)), b. March 23 1763. On 22 April 1784 he married Christian (also "Christiann" and "Christie" in (1)), b. 1762, daughter of the Rev. Daniel Cock and Alison Jamison. Mayhew died in 1803 and she remarried to John Fulton. She later moved to "Ohio". Six children were born to Mayhew and Christiann; see Miller’s book for more details.

2) Samuel Tupper, b. 26 November 1764. He first m. in 1786 to Elizabeth Archibald, b. 1768, the daughter of Robert Archibald and Hannah Blair (see separate chapters on both). They had two daughters but Elizabeth died in January 1789 shortly after the birth of the second child. Samuel remarried in 1793 in Stewiacke to Rachel Dunlap, b. January 25 1776, third daughter of James Dunlap and Mary Johnson of the Lower Village of Truro.

Samuel Tupper settled on the south side of the Stewiacke River. He was a prominent man of the area being the only Justice of the Peace that Upper Stewiacke had for many years. He died 29 August 1831 and his second wife died 9 June 1852. He and his second wife had 13 children (see next section for all of Samuel Tupper's children).

3) Mary, b. 20 October 1766 in Cornwallis (15). Mary married Samuel A. Fisher, b. 26 August 1758 in Londonderry, NH (15). Samuel was the son of Deacon Samuel Fisher, an Irishman of Scottish descent who had emigrated to New England in 1740. Deacon Fisher may have been related to William Fisher who married into the Archibald family (see under Eleanor Archibald for details). Miller (1) recounts the horrifying tale of Deacon Samuel's emigration in "the starved ship" during which the passengers resorted to cannibalism to survive. Samuel had just been chosen to give up his life for the others when another ship was providentially spotted! Miller notes that Samuel Fisher Sr. was married three times and had 12 children (11 surviving to adulthood). That source only records information on two of his children so presumably the rest of them stayed in New England (where Deacon Fisher lived out his life). A daughter Janet, b. in New Hampshire in 1750, was claimed as a bride in 1767 by Matthew Archibald who was visiting from Nova Scotia. Janet was almost certainly a daughter of Deacon Samuel's first marriage in 1747 to Sarah Taylor, daughter of Matthew Taylor (Sarah's brother Matthew married Elizabeth Archibald). Samuel A. Fisher, son of Deacon Samuel Fisher and Sarah Barber and recorded as a half-brother of Janet (15), accompanied the newly married Janet to Nova Scotia even though he was only nine at the time. Would this be because Sarah Barber had just died and his father had already remarried for the third time?

Samuel A. Fisher and Mary Tupper married in 1786. They settled on a farm on the south side of the Stewiacke River in 1784. He was a "worthy man" who also went by the name of Deacon Samuel Fisher. He died in Stewiacke on 1 May 1812 and Mary died there 23 April 1812. Their ten children, all born in Stewiacke, are detailed in Miller’s book.

4) Jerusha, b. January 10 1769. She m. Dr. Benjamin Prince. They lived for a while on an interval of the Salmon River but later moved to Upper Canada. Dr. Prince was educated in New York (15).

5) Abigail, b. 1 January 1771 in Stewiacke East (15). She m. Capt. John (15) Alexander Robb. They moved to the US but returned to Stewiacke about 1818. Alexander drowned one night while attempting to cross the Stewiacke and his body was never found.

6) Alice, b. 1772 in Stewiacke East (15). She married Samuel Fulton of the Lower Village of Truro, son of James Fulton and Ann Collwell. They were married in the house of her uncle Samuel Fisher. It was the first marriage in Upper Stewiacke. They moved to "Ohio". They had at least one son, Eliakim Fulton. Samuel had been married previously to Mary Dunlap.

7) Eliakim, b. 7 February 1773 (15) in Cornwallis (16). In 1798 he m. Lydia Putnam, b. about 1775 in Meadowville, NS (16), daughter of William and Dorothy Putnam. Eliakim inherited his father's farm on the South Branch of the Stewiacke River where they spent the remainder of their lives. He died 4 January 1852 and she died 13 November 1851. They had 8 children, further detailed by Miller.

8) Elizabeth, b. 1775 (15), married a Mr. Smith from England. They moved to London and had one son and one daughter. The son, Mayhew Tupper Smith, was later School Inspector for Pictou County. The source (22) indicates the daughter was Elizabeth Eleanor Smith and provides information on her line.

9) Elias, b. 1777. He m. Elizabeth Bowls and they had one son in 1809. Elias died that same year.

10) Eddy, b. in Truro in 1779. On 12 October 1798 he m. Ann, b. 1778, daughter of John Fulton and Mary Simpson. Eddy inherited a part of his father's farm. He died 17 March 1816 aged 37 so his widow remarried to George Fulton in 1822. The 7 children of Eddy and Ann are further detailed by Miller.

11) David, b. in August 1780 in Truro. He m. Joanna, b. 1787 (15), daughter of David Dickey and Martha Howard of Lower Stewiacke. They had four sons and seven daughters (15b) but she died 11 September 1840. He remarried (15b) on 8 December 1841, in Pugwash, NS, to Charlotte Green, a widow of Walter Power, and a daughter of Joseph Green and Jane Evelyn. They had three daughters. He died on 19 May 1863.


Hannah Tupper, b. 1787, and her Siblings and Half-Siblings

Of the children of Samuel Tupper, the first two were by his first wife Elizabeth Archibald and the remaining children were by his second marriage to Rachel Dunlap:

1) Hannah Tupper, b. 18 January 1787. She married William Creelman on 20 January 1808. One of their eight children was Rachel, who married James Graham. See their children in the more complete text with the Creelman family. She died on 27 September 1865.

2) Elizabeth, b. January 1789. In 1807 she m. John, b. 1781, son of William Gourley and Lydia Hamilton. They had two sons and four daughters.

3) James, b. 28 April 1794 in Stewiacke. He m. on 29 February 1820 to Isabell, b. 25 December 1799, daughter of the Rev. Hugh Graham and Elizabeth Whidden. They had two sons and five daughters. Isabell died on 18 December 1864. One son was:
1. John Tupper, b. about 1835. He m. Eliza B. Waddell on 28 February 1869, daughter of the Rev. James Waddell and Elizabeth Blanchard. They had two sons.

4) Mary, b. 20 November 1795. She m. John Kelley, possibly on 1 March 1820. They had only one son and then she died on 17 March 1824.

5) Eliakim, b. 25 January 1798 in Stewiacke. Like his grandfather Eliakim Tupper, he also married an Elizabeth Newcomb (!). She was born about 1803 in Cornwallis, daughter of Abraham Newcomb and Ann Dickie. They were married on 13 March 1821. He inherited a part of his father's farm where he lived till 1860. He then sold out and bought the farm of his grandfather Eliakim on the South Branch of the Stewiacke River. He and his sons were still living there in 1873. Eliakim was a Justice of the Peace for several years starting in 1842. Eliakim and Elizabeth had three sons and six daughters. He died 21 February 1888 (15). Their 9 children are detailed in (15).

6) Robert, b. 18 March 1800. In 1820 he m. Mary Dunlap, b. March 21 1799 in Truro, the only daughter of James Dunlap and Jane Kennedy. They had two sons and two daughters of which one son and one daughter were deaf. Robert inherited the homestead of his father's farm where he lived till his death on 1 December 1858 in Stewiacke. His wife died 12 May 1854. Details are recorded in (16) of only one child.

7) Jerusha, b. 24 September 1802. She m. John Kaulback of Musquodoboit and had two sons and four daughters.

8) John, b. 15 September 1804. On 2 March 1830 he m. Janet, b. 14 November 1804, second daughter of Adams Archibald and Hannah (née Archibald) of Musquodoboit. They had three sons and one daughter. He died 26 July 1844 and she died 8 February 1843.

9) Sarah, b. 1 July 1806. She m. in 1826 to John, b. 1801, son of Robert Gammell and Margaret Kennedy. They had three sons and seven daughters. She died 11 October 1846 and he died in July 1861. Three of their children married into the Creelman family:
1. Margaret, b. in 1849 to James Campbell Creelman, son of James Creelman.
2. Jane, m. in July 1860 to Samuel Flemming Creelman, son of Andrew Creelman.
3. Elizabeth, m. her second cousin, Matthew, b. 1838, son of William Creelman and Abigail Tupper. Matthew learned the harness trade in Truro, moved to the States and married there.

10) Samuel, b. 19 April 1808. He married Martha Howard and they had six sons and three daughters. Three of the sons were deaf. The family moved from Stewiacke to Halifax about 1855 and later they moved to McNab's Island. The source (18), citing Canadian census data from 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 (and perhaps other unnamed sources), provides details on the children of “Samuel M. Tupper” and Martha Howard (and has much more information on some of their descendants). Samuel’s death is given as 22 Sept. 1891 in Upper Stewiacke and Martha’s birth as 1808.

11) Rachel, b. 25 April 1810. She m. John McCurdy in 1854 and died on 21 December 1868.

12) Margaret, b. 16 June 1812. In April 1831 she m. the Rev. James Smith, D.D. They had only one daughter and then she died 20 August 1832 aged 20. By 1830, Rev. Smith was settled in the Congregation of Upper and Middle Stewiacke where he would stay for the next 40 years. In November 1839 he remarried to Jessie Blackwood, had seven children and died 17 May 1871.

13) Lydia, b. 15 September 1814. She m. Angus McLeod in October 1831. They moved to the US and had six sons and six daughters.

14) Eddy, b. 13 October 1816. He m. Susannah West of Halifax and they had three sons and two daughters. Eddy worked with Duffus & Co. in Halifax and died 3 April 1857.

15) Harriet, b. 24 October 1819. She m. Alexander Kent of Musquodoboit and had six sons and three daughters.


The information here on the early Tuppers (to the generation of Elias Tupper, b. 1715, but with no information on Elias himself) and related families in Massachusetts comes almost entirely from the excellent and extensive Gendex file of Harry Hadaway of Bow, NH (3). He documents well his sources and for completeness I repeat here the source information, noting always that it is as cited by him unless I have consulted the reference myself. One of his principal sources is a FTM (Family Tree Maker) CD from the Tupper Family Association. This may be useful to track down some day to check out the original source material for this family. It is perhaps based on the book published on the Tuppers (11)?

Unless otherwise noted, information on the next generation, that of Eliakim Tupper, b. 1740 (children of Elias Tupper and Jerusha Sprague), comes almost entirely from the excellent Sprague Family Database of Dick Weber (15).

Unless otherwise noted, Miller's book (1) is the source of my information on the subsequent generations in Nova Scotia.


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