Technical details and search hints

The genealogical data are included in
eMarcoux, a database freely available on Geneanet. Information for individuals born after 1930 are suppressed (see also the Privacy Policy).


The following is the kind of information included in the database, and therefore is also a guide to the kind of information I would much appreciate receiving from anyone willing to collaborate.

Individuals whose surname is Marcoux (and their variants such as Marcou, Marco, etc.). Basic genealogical information is collected (dates and places for birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial) and if available, interesting information on the person such as obituaries, short biographies, etc. Photos of Marcoux individuals are of interest; these are stored in a private database and made available to family history researchers on request.

Individuals whose surname is not Marcoux. The database includes only the following persons: spouses (and all their spouses) of Marcoux, parents of Marcoux spouses, and children of female Marcoux. For these persons I only include basic genealogical information and very little in the way of supplementary information. I do not collect their photos. For the children of female Marcoux, I do not keep information on their marriages or children.

Source Notes

In the notes field for every single Marcoux individual, a principal source is indicated. Unless otherwise indicated, all the information on that Marcoux (and related non-Marcoux) comes from that principal source. This is usually a document, web site, or personal communication. Additional sources are noted where appropriate.

I only indicate an original source (e.g. the PRDH or a published marriage repertoire) if I have consulted it myself. If the document was consulted by somebody else and my information is secondary, I so indicate this.

Name variants

It is common to have many variants of names, particularly for individuals of past centuries. At the beginning of the Source notes for each person, we indicate always all the variants that are known for that person, with sources for each. The name under which the person appears in the database is the name judged to be the most reliable or of habitual use.

Searching Hints

If you are searching for a Marcoux in eMarcoux, unless the person has an unusual first name, you will usually find there are a great many of them! To find your Marcoux, always try searching first for a relative or spouse with a different family name. Note that, at least well into the 1800s, virtually all girls in Québec were given a baptismal name of Marie and boys Joseph; these are often casually treated in various documents and may or may not be included. Check with and without these names to see if you find a match for what you are looking for.
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