Dick Family of Ayr, Scotland

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The Dick family enters into Douglas J. Graham's Family Reunion through Janet Dick, the grandmother of Bill Maxwell, b. 1855, my great-grandfather.

In the family tree below, bolded names are individuals that are covered on this web page. Hyperlinked names lead to other chapters of this site on related family lines. In the text below, bolded names are my direct ancestors.

William Dick, b. ca. 1720


William Dick, b. 1751 --- m. --- Janet Ross (link through her to Baird and McCaull)


Robert Dick, b. ca. 1780 --- m. --- Elizabeth Rowan (link through her to McGowan)


Coulter, b. 1797 --- m. --- Janet Dick


Maxwell of Ontario, b. 1832 --- m. --- Margaret Coulter


Bill Maxwell, b. 1855 --- m. --- Martha


Graham, b. 1894 --- m. --- Mildred Maxwell


William Graham, b.1929 --- m. --- Margaret


Douglas J. Graham, b. 1958 --- m. --- France


Camille, b. 1992 and Stéphanie Graham, b. 1994

William Dick, b. ca. 1720

William Dick was born about 1720 in Ayr, Scotland but nothing else is known of him.

William Dick, b. 1751

The only known child of the above William Dick was the farmer
William Dick, b. 27 June 1751 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. He m. 13 December 1770 to Janet Ross at Kirkoswald and he died on 13 February 1802 at Chapelton, Ayr (1).


Ross Family

Janet Ross' parents were
Alexander Ross (2) and Marion Baird (3). They were m. 3 June 1746 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. Marion's parents were Gilbert Baird and Mary McCaull, and they were apparently married at Maybole, Ayr. Some brothers and sisters of Marion are known:

1) John Baird, d. 1762 at Ayr. (4).
2) Margaret (5).
3) Helen (6).
4) Marion, m. 3 June 1746 as noted above.
5) Samuell [sic, but probably intended to be Samuel]. He may have married Mary Harvie in 1760 (7).
Alexander Ross and Marion Baird had the following children:

1) Gilbert Ross.
2) Mary, d. before 29 May 1757 at Ayr.
3) Janet (see above) (8).
4) Margaret.
5) Jean.
6) Mary.
7) Thomas.
8) Alexander.

Robert Dick, b. ca. 1780, and his Siblings

The 12 children of William Dick and Janet Ross were:

1) Jean Dick. She died 19 April 1773 at Chapelton, Ayr.

2) Marion.

Robert Dick, christened May 1775 at Kirkoswald, Ayr, Scotland (50), m. 30 August 1797 (29 July 1797 according to (50)) at Dailly, Ayr to Elizabeth Rowan (16), of Barr (50). He was a farmer and innkeeper and farmed for a period of time at Knockgerran on the Penwhallie River. The first of their eleven children was born in 1798 at Knockgerran but the following six from 1800 to 1810 were born at Kirkoswald. They must have then moved again for the next two (1813 and 1815) were born at Dundonald. Finally, the last two, born in 1818 and 1821, were born at Dailly, Ayr.

He died 20 June 1885 at Dailly, Ayr. His death date of 1885 is as given by Dickson but it seems highly unlikely as he would have been at least 105 if he married very young in 1797. She died 25 October 1846 at Dailly, Ayr.


Rowan Family

Elizabeth Rowan was possibly christened on 29 Mar 1778 at Colmonell, Ayr (same information given by (50)), daughter of
Andrew Rowan and Margaret McGowan. She died 25 October 1846 at Dailly, Ayr. Margaret was the daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth McGowan (married at Ayr, but no other information on them and no other children recorded).

Andrew Rowan and Margaret McGowan were married about 1775 in Ayr. Their children are the following:

1) Andrew Rowan (18), m. at Ayr to Agnes McCutcheon, daughter (19) of Gilbert McCutcheon and Grizel McDowal. The recorded children of Andrew Rowan and Agnes McCutcheon are the following:
1. Gilbert Rowan (20).
2. Agness [sic, but likely a typo for Agnes] (21).
3. Andrew (21).

2) Elizabeth (see above under her husband Robert Dick), b. at Barr, Ayr (16).

3) Mary.

4) Alexander (22).

5) Jean (23).

John (24).

4) Alexander.

5) Jean.

6) Margaret, m. 28 June 1803 at Kirkoswald (9) to William Cochran, son of Hay Cochran and Janet McTyre [sic]. The source (10) records 5 children.

7) Hellen (11).

8) Thomas (12).

9) William (13).

10) Janet (14).

11) John (15).

12) Mary.

Janet Dick, b. 1800, and her Siblings

The eleven children of Robert Dick and Elizabeth Rowan were all born in Ayr, Scotland, at Knockgerran, Kirkoswald, Dundonald, or Dailly. All the known marriages of the children were in Scotland and it known that the parents died in Scotland. Four of the children (Janet, Alexander, Thomas [?; see below], Robert) however died in southern Ontario so as young adults must have all emigrated to Canada, in several different recorded years, but perhaps sometimes together.

The children are the following:

1) Margaret Dick, b. 14 June 1798 at Knockgerran, Ayr (25). She was m. on 5 February 1820 at Dailly, Ayr to Alexander Bryden, son of James Bryden and Catherine Gray. She died before 1855. The Brydens seem to have remained in Scotland. Seven children are recorded by (26).

2) Janet Dick, b. March 1800 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. According to research of (48) she was “christened on 7 Mar 1800 in the Parish Church of Kirkoswald, Ayr. The entry can be found on the Family History Library Film 1041391, Item 1, Frame 0165, Page 142.

She was m. on 21 January 1823 at Dailly, Ayr to Hugh Coulter. They emigrated to Vaughan Township in York County Ontario (45). Janet Dick died 7 May 1880 in Derby, Grey County, Ontario.  This can be found on the Family History Library Film 1853229, year 1880, Certificate Number 004547.”  Susan Derkoch (51) sent me a scanned copy of the death registration (in my files), from Derby, Grey County. Her age is given as 80 years, 4 months, and 7 days. She is a farmer’s widow, born in Scotland, and died of old age, having been ill for two months. She is noted as a Presybyterian. The informant is R. D. Coulter, farmer in Derby; this would be Robert Dick Coulter, her son.

For further information on her husband Hugh Coulter, and on their 10 children, see the Maxwell chapter.

3) William, b. 4 February 1802 at Kirkoswald, Ayr (29). He married in Ayr to Jean Kennedy, daughter (28) of Alexander Kennedy and Martha McKissock. He died 29 November 1852. They have one known child, William Dick (26).

4) Andrew, b. 20 January 1804 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. He m. (30) on 11 February 1829 at Dundonald, Ayr to Elizabeth Currie. Four children are recorded by (31).

5) Alexander (32), b. 5 June 1806 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. He m. on 11 July 1828 at Dailly, Ayr to Janet McClanachan. Alexander seems to be the oldest of the children to have emigrated to Canada as he died 6 February 1873 at Albion, Ontario. Like his older sister Janet, he emigrated to Vaughan Township in 1831 or 1832 (and thus possibly together). According to Heather Black (47) his wife’s name is Janet McClanchan and they emigrated to Canada around 1831. They apparently (32) had six children.

6) Mary, b. 1 September 1808 at Kirkoswald, Ayr (33). She m. on 10 November 1833 to Andrew Templeton.

7) Thomas, b. 25 October 1810 at Kirkoswald, Ayr. He m. on Christmas Day, 1828 at Dailly, Ayr to Agnes Hamilton. He died in 1849 in Ontario (34). Known children were all born in Scotland (up until 1842) so he emigrated to Ontario well after his older siblings. Four children are noted by (35).
The source (49) notes however he has found the headstone in Ayr of a Thomas Dick and Agnes Hamilton (died 1880 and 1884 respectively). He also provided me a copy of his death record registration (in my files), showing he died November 3, 1880 (Thomas is son of Quintin Dick and Jane McBulloch). He finds this family for Maybole in 1851 with six children.

This information suggests that there are two couples Thomas Dick/Agnes Hamilton but the similarity in the names of the children suggest that perhaps the children listed here of Thomas Dick (who died in Ontario) may perhaps belong with the other Thomas Dick?

8) John, b. 5 March 1813 at Dundonald, Ayr (36). He m. on 7 December 1840 at Girvan, Ayr to Catherine Fitzpatrick, daughter of Hugh Fitzpatrick and Grizal McNish. She was born on 21 May 1808 at Dailly, Ayr. In 1841 he was living in Girvan (census data). They had four children but then she died on 3 June 1848 at Girvan. He then remarried to Mary Gray and had a further four children with her. In 1861 (census data) he was still living in Girvan with his wife Mary. Sometime before 1871 and after Mary died he moved to a new location in Girvan where he would live till his death.

He was married a third time to Jane Muir (children by her in 1874 and about 1881). In the 1881 census he was listed as a watchmaker. He died on 24 July 1893.

Sources such as (36) to (42) record information on the ten children of John Dick and their descendants, the first four by wife Catherine Fitzpatrick, the second four by wife Mary Gray, and the last two by Jane Muir.

9) Robert, b. 7 November 1815 at Dundonald, Ayr. He m. 16 July 1841 at Dailly, Ayr to Margaret Knox (43). Dickson's site had his death in Ontario, but according to (46), who calls him "Thomas Robert Dick", he "died in Scotland at Dailly on 15 January, 1883 of chronic bronchitis. The Registrar General of Scotland R/D 585/100 provides the evidence. His daughter, Elizabeth Dalrymple was the witness". All their 7 children are recorded as being born at Dailly, Ayr (35 and sometimes 41) (except the first, no birth information recorded).

10) Elisabeth, b. 3 August 1818 at Dailly, Ayr (33). She died 23 January 1846 aged 28.

11) Hugh, b. 17 January 1821 at Dailly, Ayr (33).


My main source of information on this family is the very helpful web site of Mr. John Dickson of Melbourne, Australia (http://www.alphalink.com.au/~dicksonj/homepage.htm). He originally contacted me in June 2000 and provided me this site address. In January 2007 I note that the web site of Mr. Dickson is no longer on-line (or has moved?); fortunately I had copied relevant source notes from his site. The footnotes (1 to 45) were taken directly from Dickson's web site (in early 2001). Unless otherwise noted, all information on this page comes from this site.

The source (46) tells me of a publication by Heather Black, Ontario, Canada entitled "William Dick & Family (Ayrshire, Scotland 1770's to Canada and Beyond)" Sept 1, 2002. I have not seen this resource but it sounds very interesting. I communicated with her briefly (47) but was not able to obtain a copy of this publication.


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