Carter Lineage of Maine & Québec

Last update: 28 April 2012.

Names in bold are our direct family ancestors and are covered on this page. Hyperlinks lead to other family pages.

Our Carter lineage is as follows

John Carter, b. abt 1785?


Henry Carter, b. abt 1818 --- m. --- Rhoda B. Whitlock


Morissette, b. 1847 --- m. --- Jessie Carter, b. abt 1856


Gagnon --- m. --- Marie-Anne Morissette, b. 1874


Marcoux --- m. --- Anne-Marie Gagnon


André Marcoux, b. 1933 --- m. --- Huguette
De Rome


France Marcoux, b. 1961 --- m. --- Douglas J.


Camille et Stéphanie Graham, b. 1992 and 1994

John Carter, b. abt 1785?

The name John comes from Henry’s death record, see below. John was b. in ME and must have lived in Whitefield, ME as that is where Henry was born. Searching briefly in and WorldConnect in April 2012, I was not able to find any further record that seemed to be of this John Carter or his son. To further research this line will undoubtedly require some time in the Maine State Archives.

Henry Carter, b. abt 1818

The BMS2000 (1) does not have a marriage record of Jessie Carter’s (or Mary Anne’s) parents, Henri (or Henry) Carter & Rose Whitlock. However, the image of their marriage registry record (2) was found and consulted, from the “Bureau de Santé”, Fredericton, NB. Apart from the good fit of the unusual names, we know this is the right couple because of the later US Census records that record Jessie Carter in their household. The marriage record reads:

“Henry Carter, of the Parish of Saint Mary, and Rhoda Whitlock of the same parish, were married by license with consent of father this first day of December in the year of our Lord 1838. In the presence of Hugh Whitlock, Richard Sutter. By me James [illegible] Esquire. This marriage was authorized between us. [Henry and Rhoda both sign]. Filed and registered 11th [?] January 1839.”

Henry was from Maine and virtually all the known records of this Carter family are from that state. Its curious that he was in Fredericton when he go married but at that time, there was a lot of contact between ME and NB (and across the border to QC). They quickly moved to Maine as their first child is born there in 1841. The family can be followed through the US Census records (4). Not found in the 1860 US Census nor in 1900 US Census or afterwards.

1850 US Census for Township 11, Aroostook, ME (this is apparently Ashland, ME according to (6)):

Carter, Henry, 36 (so b. abt 1814), carpenter, b. ME
___, Rhoda, 27, b. abt 1823, b. [difficult to read, and could perhaps be N. B.; definitely not ME as for the other family members]
___, Chas, 8, b. abt 1842, b. ME [same for remaining siblings]
___, Wm, 6, b. abt 1844
___, Josiah, 5, b. abt 1845
___, Albion, 3, b. abt 1847
___, Philena, 7/12, b. abt Jan. 1850 [census taken August 1850]

Not found in the 1860 US Census but (6) indicates they were at Sheridan, ME with 10 children. Will need to search again.

1870 US Census for Whitefield, Lincoln, ME:

Carter, Henry, 55 (so b. abt 1815), house carpenter, b. ME, neither parent of foreign birth
___, Rhoda B., 47, b. abt 1823, keeping house, b. NB, both parents of foreign birth
___, Lorania J. [hard to read, but looks thus], female, 19, b. abt 1851, housekeeper, b. ME, mother of foreign birth [same birth information for all remaining siblings]
___, Lorinda [hard to read], female, 17, b. abt 1853, at home
___, Jessi [or Jesse] A., female, 14, b. abt 1856, at school
___, Henry H., 12, b abt 1858, at school
___, Calvin D., 9, b. abt 1861, at school

1880 US Census for Township 11, Aroostook, ME:

Carter, Henry, 62, so b. abt 1818, farmer, b. ME, father b. ME, mother b. MA
___, Rhoda B., wife, 57, b. abt 1823, keeping house, b. Canada, both parents b. Canada
___, Calvin D, son, 19, b. abt 1861, laborer, b. ME, father b. Canada, mother b. ME [sic, but obviously their birth places reversed by accident]
___, Charles S. [initial according to Ancestry but illegible to me], son, 9, b. abt 1871, at school, b. ME, father b. ME, mother b. Canada
[apparently in same household, a Treadwell couple follows]

The following is believed to be Henry’s death record because the age and name match well, the occupation is carpenter (as in several census records), and his birth place is Whitefield, ME, where he was living in 1870.

I consulted a scan of the death record index (5). It records the death of Henry Carter in Presque Isle, ME, 9 July 1892, age 77 (so b. abt 1815), born in Whitefield, ME, married, occupation carpenter, cause of death chronic brights [?], buried Presque Isle, father John Carter, b. ME, a farmer, mother b. ME [sic, not MA as in 1880 US Census], maiden name not given.

Rhoda B. Whitlock

At this time little is known of Rhoda B. Whitlock except that she was b. in NB in about 1823 (as recorded in all three US Census records) and was living in Fredericton, NB when she married Henry Carter in 1839. The database (3) indicates she died 24 Feb. 1899 in Presque Isle, Aroostook, ME. A search in and on WorldConnect in April 2012 revealed nothing further on her.

A document (6) posted at the site of the Whitlock Family Association (a 2002 email from Carroll B. Knox) gives some extra information. It asserts that Rhoda B. Whitlock was b. 23 March 1821 at St. Stephen, Charlotte, NB and married James Henry Carter in about 1841. He was b. 1 July 1811 at Whitefield, Lincoln, ME.

She further states: “The 1850 US Census found them at Township11, Range 5 (Ashland, ME) with 5 children. Ten years later in 1860, they were located at T12 Range 5 (Sheridan, ME) In 1870 they were in T11 R6 (Garfield Plantation) where they resided for the rest of their lives. Their deaths are recorded in the Garfield town records, but for unexplained reasons they are both buried at Fairmount Cemetery on US Rte 1 in Presque Isle, ME.”

Mary Ann (Jessie) Carter, b. abt 1856

The family of Henry and Rhoda Carter can be reconstructed from the three census records given above. All children are born in Maine.

1) Charles Carter (recorded as Chas in 1850), b. abt 1842.

2) William, b. abt 1844.

3) Josiah, b. abt 1845.

4) Albion, b. abt 1847.

5) Philena, b. abt January 1850. I suspect she is the “Lorania J.” b. abt 1851 from 1870 Census. The names are both a bit unlikely and likely were misrecorded. It is also possible however they are sisters.

6) Lorinda, b. abt 1853.

7) Jessi A., b. abt 1856. She is known by a range of names: “Jessi A.” [or Jesse?] in 1870 US Census; “Marie-Anne” in her own 1873 marriage record (1); “Marie Anne” in 1874 baptism of her daughter Marie Anne (1); “Mary Anne” in 1877 baptism of her son J. Louis Henri (1); “Jessie Carter” in 1891 marriage record of her daughter Marie Anne (1).

The BMS2000 (1) records the marriage between “François
Morissette” (François & Émilie Bégin) and “Marie-Anne Carter” (Henri & Rose Whitlock). The marriage took place on 16 April 1873 at Lévis (Parish of Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire).

It is quite mysterious as to why she ended up marrying François in Lévis. Certainly there was a lot of movement back and forth between Québec and Aroostook Township (with a very large francophone population at that time) but there is no other known record of any other Carter from this family in Québec or any other member of the Morissette family in Maine.

Their daughter Marie-Anne Morissette would marry Norbert Gagnon and become my wife’s great-grandmother.

8) Henry H., b. abt 1858.

9) Calvin D., b. abt 1861. Recorded in 1870 and 1880 Censuses. He is a laborer in the latter.

10) Charles S., b. abt 1871. His mother was about 47 when he was born. The database (3) provides much more detailed information on “Charlie S. Carter”, b. 28 September 1870. In 1895 he married Mary Rose (1872-1950) and they had 14 children. See the database for details. He died 17 April 1944 in Presque Isle, ME.

We can safely assume that Antonio Marcoux had a great number of second cousins in Maine, that he probably did not even know existed!


Information comes from a variety of sources.

Notes en bas de la Page

(1) BMS2000 de la Société de généalogie de Québec (
(2) Collection Drouin,
(3) “Hartt Family Tree” of “mahalchick3”, consulted on in April 2012.
(4) Scans of the Federal US Census records, all viewed and verified at
(5) Maine Death Records, 1617-1922, consulted
(6) Whitlock Family Association (, document posted by Carroll B. Knox [ID-404].

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